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We are a natural foods and products brokerage with a genuine passion for the natural health industry.


What makes us different? When we represent a brand, we do more than secure a place on the shelf. We strategize ways to ensure success and growth through helping a brand tell its unique story. We do this because we understand what appeals to the needs and desires of today's health-conscious consumer and what can set your brand apart from the overwhelming selection of products available. We also offer support through social media marketing, corporate social responsibility, and connecting you to our valuable contacts in the industry. 

Natural foods and products are evolving and growing faster than ever before. Being at the forefront of this industry is important to us because as consumers ourselves, we want to see natural products continue to become more relevant, profitable, and accessible.


The Inspiration 

Growing up on a farm, Mandi Zolkowski developed an understanding and appreciation for what it meant to "live off the land." From gardening and going on nature walks with her family, to drying flowers like chamomile and rose hips for tea, her interest in all things natural grew from an early age.


She also learned about the unnatural processes that are involved in conventional food production - particularly the use of chemical additives, genetic modification, and pesticides. She soon realized the direct, indirect, and long-term effects that these very common practices can have on humans, animals, and the environment. This realization inspired her to explore more natural alternatives and to start a career in the natural health industry. 

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