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Blume is a natural products brokerage company focused on growing
natural, ethical, and innovative brands in the Canadian marketplace.


At the forefront of the natural products industry, our job is simple. We work to get your products into consumers' hands. We do this by working with distributors and accounts across the country to initiate successful marketing, account management, and retail management strategies. If you are new to market, trying to establish more market share, or just simply want someone to manage all the behind the scenes work, we can help!



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We work with products that are natural, organic, fair trade, non-GMO and nutrient-dense. We believe in nourishing the human body with healthy ingredients to help people live long and healthy lives.


Treating all living beings with respect and kindness is our mantra. It is important to us that we work with ethical and environmentally responsible brands. Blume also loves to give back. Whether it's through volunteering, or charitable work, we love to spread good karma.

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As consumers continue to become more health-conscious and mindful of what products they are purchasing, we pay attention to trends and innovations in the marketplace and are excited to be doing our part to help brands blossom in this ever-evolving industry.

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